14 December 2021

The Independent Schools’ Bursars Association (ISBA) has today launched its new recruitment service for schools: ISBA Recruitment.

ISBA Recruitment offers a comprehensive bursar recruitment service for independent schools in the UK and internationally also comprising organisational and financial consultancy, appraisals, and mentoring.

John Murphie, chief operating officer of ISBA, commented on the new service, “ISBA Recruitment builds on ISBA’s unique position and understanding of the recruitment needs of independent schools, and the extensive network of senior management professionals and community that we are so proud of. It came about as a result of our desire to see schools more effectively and more cost-efficiently served as they embark on finding the right bursar, whether that might be for an interim or permanent position.

“With ISBA Recruitment we aim to streamline the recruitment process for both schools and candidates, not only matching the right people to the right roles but also offering ongoing support as the school and the bursar move forward together”.

Both schools seeking to fill a bursar vacancy and candidates seeking a role are encouraged to contact ISBA Recruitment at or on 01256 330369.